Jessie & Colin

Jessie & Colin

February 2022

Located at the foot of the majestic Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica, Jessie and Colin’s wedding was a living, breathing fairy-tale, a beautiful combination of enchantment, love, and laughter. Jessie was the picture-perfect Disney princess, radiating elegance and charm from every angle. Her sapphire blue eyes, as deep and mesmerizing as the ocean, shimmered with joy and excitement.

In an untraditional but thoroughly delightful twist, their officiant was dressed as the Nutcracker, a nod to their shared love of whimsy and theater. This endearing detail added a dash of magic and humor to their special day, causing bursts of laughter among the wedding party and guests. The backdrop of the Arenal Volcano at Arenal Koita provided a dramatic and magnificent scenery to their vows. As they pledged their love to each other, the lush greens and the mighty Arenal stood witness, amplifying the grandeur of the moment. Their vows were touching and personal, full of promises of shared adventures and enduring love.

Jessie and Colin’s wedding was truly a day to remember, a vivid portrait of love painted against the backdrop of the Costa Rican paradise. Their unique choices and the magic of their surroundings combined to create a day filled with indelible memories that they, and their guests, will cherish forever.


Arenal Koita - La Fortuna

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Volcano / Rain forest

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Delicate mountain