Heather & Evan

Heather & Evan

April 28, 2022

In the lush and green landscapes of Costa Rica, a love story found its most significant milestone. Heather and Evan, two souls intertwined by destiny, celebrated their union on a day filled with laughter, love, and the raw beauty of nature.The couple, known for their sweetness and deep affection for each other, envisioned their wedding as an intimate gathering, a fun-filled party that would capture the essence of their relationship. Their request was simple yet heartfelt: they wanted to celebrate their love surrounded by the greenery that exemplifies the spirit of Costa Rica.

The wedding ceremony was a sight to behold. Set amidst an open expanse of vibrant green, it was the perfect representation of the couple’s love for nature and each other. Just as the couple exchanged their vows, the sky, too, seemed to participate in their joy. Droplets of rain started falling as if nature was showering its blessings on Heather and Evan. But rain was no deterrent to the festivities that followed. With an energy that was contagious, the party was swiftly moved to the hotel ballroom. The vibrant atmosphere inside echoed the vivaciousness of the outside, as guests filled the room with laughter and cheers. The highlight of the night was the mesmerizing performance by the MB Project Band by Hinestra.

With the rhythm of their music filling the air, guests were drawn to the dance floor, uninhibited by the downpour outside. They danced under the rain, creating memories that would last a lifetime. Despite the unexpected weather, Heather and Evan’s wedding was a perfect representation of their relationship: vibrant, resilient, and full of joy. It was a day that epitomized their love – unfazed by the storms and always finding a way to celebrate and cherish the moment. Their wedding wasn’t just a union of two hearts; it was a celebration of love, life, and everything that’s beautiful in the world.


Las Catalinas - Guanacaste

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Lush tropical

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Greenery with softpink blushes

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